About us


Pradit Engineering & Construction's first priority is to deliver quality works to its customers. Hence, to ensure that all construction activities comply with state regulations, approved design criteria, engineering specifications, and good engineering practices, Quality Assurance and Control schemes are taken into practices in each work element. This includes construction process evaluation, inspection of all equipments employed in the operation, testing of materials used, etc. All employees are encouraged to report all non-conformance found in the processes as well as unsafe conditions affecting work quality.

The company always seeks for continuous quality improvement and strives to achieve our customer’s expectations wherever possible.


Pradit Engineering & Construction's ranks Safety considerations equally with commercial and operational factors in managing its operations. Our mission is to ensure that quality, safety, security and environmental considerations remain top priorities for all employees.

Prevention of accidental risk and loss from process failure is a recognized and integral part of our working culture. All preventive measures including routine inspection, periodic maintenance of machines and tools employed in the operations as well as training on safety procedures have been implemented in every process and communicated to all employees, customers, and third parties associated with our business. Monitoring and assessment programs have been taken into practices in all working sites to ensure that desired quality as well as safety level is achieved.